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CalCars Presentations and Policy Briefings
What's Next for Plug-In Vehicles: How could plug-ins grow fast enough to get vehicles 50% OFF FOSSIL FUELS — in 20 years? PDF (7 MB)
An 18-slide presentation that briefly narrates the story of the campaign for plug-in cars, reviews the issues around getting to one million plug-ins by 2015, and then explains the reasons and issues around "The Big Fix" campaign. Presented at The Networked EV conference in San Francisco, Oct. 20, 2011
The Plug-In Campaign: What's Next PDF PDF (7 MB)
A 16-slide presentation of the history of the campaign to bring plug-in cars to market; a roundup of the PHEVs and EVs now available and coming soon, and an explanation of the Big Fix campaign to retrofit gas-guzzlers. Presented at the 2nd Annual GreenDriveExpo at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA, September 17, 2011. Listen to Felix's best talk ever (33 minutes plus 12 minutes of questions), or read the transcript (pdf). For both, it will help if you're also looking at the presentation. Or, at My Perfect Automobile's website, watch excerpts from his presentation and questions, along with follow-up interviews, in four short segments, under the title "Green Drive Expo 20111 -- US Plug-In Car Movement, Parts 1-4."
How Gas-guzzler Conversions Can Accelerate Transportation Electrification PDF (2.2 MB)
Ron Gremban's 23-slide presentation from September 2010 on the role of conversions.
What codes, standards, & regulations are needed for conversions? PDF (1.6 MB)
Ron Gremban's 18-slide presentation from September 2010 on regulatory issues as gas-guzzler conversion companies come to market.
"Beyond New Plug-Ins" PDF (2.3 MB)
CalCars' 23-slide presentation on the benefits of converting existing vehicles to PHEVs and the companies building prototypes.
"Cost Projections and a Rule of Thumb for both New Plug-in Vehicles and Conversions" PDF (646k)
12-slide presentation by Ron Gremban at Plug-In 2010 analyzes Energy Efficiency Ratios, battery costs and rules, conversion analyses.
"Accelerating Vehicle Electrification" PDF (1.26 MB)
CalCars 16-slide presentation on Gas-Guzzler Conversions, by Ron Gremban, at California Energy Commission Staff Workshop held in Diamond Bar, CA on September 9, 2009, for the 2010-11 Alternative Fuels Investment Plan (Electric Drive Vehicles). Download MP3 audio of the presentation.
"Commercializing Plug-In Hybrids" PDF (2.7 MB)
CalCars' 24-slide standard presentation on the story of PHEVs
"Are Practical Electric and Hybrid Airplanes Just Around the Corner?" PDF (894k), Outline PDF (71k)
CalCars' Technology Lead Ron Gremban's talk at the Third Annual Electric Airplane Symposium in San Carlos, CA on April 24, 2009, showing that practical electric and plug-in hybrid light airplanes should be possible, at a cost similar to that of a piston airplane, using current technology, including batteries. A Diesel plug-in hybrid could have near-gasoline performance, at least 30% better fuel economy, near-silent takeoffs and landings, and enhanced engine-out safety; while an electric airplane would have much lower performance until batteries improve, but also just 10-20% of the enormous fuel costs of flying on gasoline.
"Hybridizing Light Aircraft" PDF (290K)
CalCars' Technology Lead Ron Gremban's talk at the second annual Electric Airplane Symposium in San Francisco, CA on April 26, 2008, showing that plug-in hybrid designs may also be viable for light aircraft.
"Hope in the Car Industry (By Popular Demand)" PDF (730K)
CalCars Founder Felix Kramer's short 10-slide presentation on the significance of the PHEV coalition's campaign and its prospects. For the text that accompanied an earlier version of this presentation (a three-minute talk to the 24th annual Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in Monterey, CA, February 2008), see 1500 Movers/Shakers Hear about PHEV Campaign.
"PHEVs: Organizations/Resources/Summary of Carmakers' Plans:" PDF (120k)
2-page flyer includes organizations listed at CalCars Partners, best PHEV publications, and summary of plans of automakers from Carmakers.
"PHEVs: The Best of Both Worlds" PDF (2,1MB)
Felix Kramer's presentation about PHEVs, Iceland and international opportunities at Driving Sustainability '07: Fueling the Future of Transport, Reykjavik, September 18, 2007
"PHEVs: The Technical Side" PDF (176K)
Ron Gremban's presentation notes (with sources) PDF (361K)
Presentations by CalCars Tech Lead Ron Gremban at EET-2007 European Ele-Drive Conference Brussels, Belgium, May 30-June 01, 2007
CalCars' May 2007 testimony on PHEVs to California Air Resources Board PDF (629K)
Two-page testimony to CARB on the Zero Emissions Vehicle Review.
16 Points about GM's PHEVs, January 2007 (html page on site)
CalCars' September 2006 Briefing on PHEVs to CARB PDF (397K)
Eight-page overview of PHEVs for CARB's ZEV Technology Symposium.
CalCars' April 2006 Federal Policy Briefing on PHEVs PDF (80K)
Four-page overview of PHEVs and recommended policy initiatives
CalCars' March 2006 California Policy Briefing on PHEVs PDF (70K)
CalCars Flyers
  DrivingElectric Flyers 3 pages PDF (444K)
For public events. Why not print some out, tape one to a side window, and keep them in your glove compartment? You'll find three 8.5x11-inch pages: first a full-page flyer you can print in color or black-and-white, plus a "4-up" page you can print and cut into four small handouts, in both color and black-and-white versions.
  "Our Cars Can Get More Than 100 Miles Per Gallon (Plus Electricity)" PDF (110K)
CalCars' "on-car" flier, available wherever a CalCars PHEV is shown—this one customized for Felix's car
  10 Talking Points for Plug-In Hybrids PDF (70K, 1P)
  "Plug-In Hybrids Plus Ethanol: We Can Tackle Global Warming" PDF (130K, 1P)
     Also available: "Our Cars Can Get 100+MPG" and "10 Talking Points" as one downloadable file PDF (148K 2P)
     Also available: "Global Warming" and "10 Talking Points" as one downloadable file PDF (184K 2P)
  16 Points About GM's Long-Awaited PHEVs PDF (63K)
  "Everybody Loves Plug-Ins" PDF (130K)
National endorsements of and quotes about PHEVs—see also online version: National Endorsements of PHEVs
  "We Can Tackle National Security, Jobs and Global Warming..." PDF (100K, 2P) (from early 2006)
  PHEV Conversions Fact Sheet PDF (50K) (last updated spring 2006)
CalCars' Donation Form PDF (460K)
CalCars 2007 Goals/2006 Review + Appeal PDF (600K)
CalCars 2006 Goals and 2005 Year-End Report PDF (100K)
Other PHEV Flyers, Documents and Handouts
Items with an * asterisk are included in our 30-page Recommended Mix PDF (6.5MB, last updated March '06).
* Ending the Energy Stalemate PDF (55K)
1-page matrix from bi-partisan National Commission on Energy Policy Report
* Plug-In Partners Campaign Flyer PDF (150K)
4-page flyer from the national fleet buy-order campaign
* The Plug-In Hybrid Consortium (trade association) flyer PDF (300K)
* "Why Plug-In Cars?" PDF (20K)
Flyer from Plug In America campaign for EVs and PHEVs
Oil and Security PDF (800K)
Former CIA Director James Woolsey and former Secretary of State George Shultz give best basic introduction (above URL is our excerpt; here's latest version of the 13-page report.)
Articles and Press
Items with an * asterisk are included in our 30-page Recommended Mix PDF (6.5MB, last updated March '06).
"Fuels for the Future" , 23 pages PDF (905K)
Summer 2007 Cover story/special issue, Co-op America Quarterly
"A Plug for Hybrids" PDF (700K)
October 9, 2006 US News and World Report
The Emergence of Hybrid Vehicles PDF (56 pages, 1MB)
June, 2006. A very significant report: Alliance Bernstein, a worldwide institutional investment management firm, identifies plug-in hybrids as "game-changing technology"
"Plugging Into the Future" PDF (1.2MB)
June 10, 2006 The Economist
"Plugging Into a New Market" PDF (130K)
May 15, 2006 Red Herring magazine
"Hybrid Vehicles Gain Traction" PDF (750K)
April 2006 Scientific American
Driving the Solution: The Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle PDF (1.5MB, 10P)
From Fall 2005 EPRI Journal; links to other Electric Power Research Institute documents at Resources
"100 M.P.G. Cars: It's a Start"PDF (350K) or see text version
1-page by New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Nicholas D. Kristof
* "Running on Empty"PDF (1.5MB)
5-page, 3,000-word article by LA Times Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Dan Neil
* "As Toyota Goes..." PDF (400K)
1-page by New York Times Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Thomas L. Friedman
* "Giving Hybrids a Real Jolt" PDF (150K)
1-page article by John Carey in Business Week
* "Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule" PDF (170K)
NYTimes reporter Danny Hakim's exclusive breaks the story of the PRIUS+
* "Breaking That Dirty Oil Habit" PDF (3.2MB)
4-page article by Unmesh Kher in Time Magazine about PHEVs and ethanol/500 MPG vehicles
Take This Car and Plug It PDF (1.2MB)
4-page article by Willie Jones in the IEEE Spectrum magazine
Imagine--500 Miles Per Gallon PDF (14K)
by Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria
* Green Car Journal Fall 2005 PDF (1.3MB)
Hybrid Connection by Kellen Schefter, "Voices" columns by Felix Kramer and Joseph Romm
Global Business Opportunity
Converting Large Combustion Vehicles

Hi-res: PDF
Technologies for Affordable, Profitable
Conversion of Combustion Engines

Hi-res: PDF
CalCars "100+ MPG Hybrids!" Poster
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CalCars "10 Talking Points" Poster
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CalCars "PHEVs in Pictures" Poster
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CalCars "Plugging In" Poster
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Pacific Gas & Electric Bill Insert
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