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You can help bring cleaner, more efficient plug-in hybrids to market. Join the growing group of entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and other citizens who are building the California Cars Initiative.

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Make a tax-deductible contribution by credit card, PayPal or check today, and help get plug-in hybrids on the road today!
Donate to CalCars: Make a tax-deductible contribution to support CalCars' future efforts. Your donations have supported four plug-in hybrid conversions, countless public and private displays, hundreds of presentations and meetings with decision-makers and influencers, our open-source EAA-PHEV project, CalCars' 2006 trip to DC, our Bettah animation, and much, much more. Help us keep our momentum!

Sign the petition for BETTAH plug-in hybrids: See our "Bettah" animation, then click-through and add your name to the nationwide Plug In Partners petiton. While there, send Bettah to a friend!

Wear CalCars on your sleeve (or your bumper): Buy a CalCars "I want 100+ MPG" T-shirt. Donate $25 to receive a CalCars bumper sticker.

Spread the word: Use our convenient form to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues about plug-in hybrids and CalCars.

If you're a serial entrepreneur, or if you have senior management experience in the auto industry (or know these people), please contact us.

Volunteer your time and expertise: We've too much to do and not enough talented people to do it. Get hands on with CalCars engineering, policy or fundraising efforts!

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