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The best way to build this Initiative is for you to invite your friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues to join. We've given you two easy ways.

1. Plug in up to five email addresses below and we'll send them a short message. Please replace "A friend" with your name on the first line so you will show up in the Subject line and in the message -- and your people will know it's not spam. (We don't save and won't use any information you enter.)

2. If you'd rather a message come directly from you, start with what we provide, change it any way you want and send it out yourself. You can see (and copy) the message we'll send just below the the fill-in form.

Whichever way you spread the word, we encourage you to follow up in person or by phone to your contacts. Asking people by email to look at this website is a good start, but with the people you know, you can be the most persuasive advocate.

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SUBJECT: (Your name) Tells How We Can Get Much Better Cars

(Your name) thinks you'll be interested in hearing about CalCars. Here's the story:

We wish we could have cars and SUVs that didn't waste gas and dirty the air. When highway-capable electric vehicles came along, we loved them, although they did have limited range. They were briefly available and in short supply, but now car companies have discontinued them.

The Toyota Prius and Honda Civic "hybrids" use some electric vehicle technology. But their power ultimately comes from (mostly imported) gasoline. We hear lots of talk now about fuel cell cars ... in 10-20 years. Yet it's possible TODAY to do much better than these "mild" hybrids.

How about a vehicle that's totally electric when you commute or drive locally, gets you in the car pool lanes, and has a small gasoline engine for longer distances? Hybrids that you can plug in, when convenient, to a regular outlet, will be the best of both worlds. They'll be cleaner and more efficient than anything else you could buy.

The technology has been proven. Auto makers could build plug-in hybrids now, but they won't. Among other reasons, they claim there's no demand for them. Enter the California Cars Initiative.

CalCars has a way to demonstrate there really is a demand for much better, cleaner cars, and I support their strategy. With your and my help, we can own these advanced hybrids. We can make this happen -- and get the kind of car we really want!

Find out more at

Thanks for your time. I hope you'll support this effort and then let me know what you think.

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