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CalCars Bumper StickerAs a Charter Sponsor, you get a 10x3-inch bumper sticker designed by Kris Kiger. With any contribution of $25 or more, we'll send you a sticker.

Donate Any Amount by Credit Card, PayPal or Check for PRIUS+ -- or Become a Charter Sponsor!

CalCars has received modest support from a foundation, the Electric Auto Association and individuals. These funds have primarily supported our expenses for the PRIUS+ project. Until we are able to gain far more support, we remain essentially a volunteer organization, with a meager budget that means we often pass up opportunities like conferences.

That's where you come in. A few years ago, several hundred thousand Americans signed Clean Car pledges (about 25% came from California -- see links at CalCars Resources). Now, at this critical time, you get the chance to do more than express a general intention. Your actions will jump-start a historic change.

Your contribution of any amount will give CalCars the means to build the Initiative and support the PRIUS+ campaign (and it's tax-deductible). See links below.

If you can, we're asking you to donate a suggested $95 to become a Charter Sponsor. Together with other campaigns to organize fleet buyers, this will prove there's a viable market for better cars and show we're en route to bringing "motivated buyers" to a major car maker. Your donation will:

  • Enroll you as a CalCars Charter Sponsor;
  • Equip us to negotiate with car companies (our claim that we represent serious customers won't be credible with anything less than $95 sponsors);
  • Get you one of the unique bumper stickers that tells the world we can have better, cleaner cars -- display it on your car or collect it;
  • Give you an early opportunity to join a future CalCars Buyers Club to get a plug-in hybrid -- based on an existing vehicle, produced with or without the cooperation of a major car company;
  • As part of this effort, we encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter with information about our campaign and important related developments..

We will send a bumper sticker to anyone who contriburtes $25 or more.

And Institutional Charter Sponsors for $495 are also available.

We also have some bigger ambitions. We hope to expand our approach (combining advocacy and technology development, organizing the power of citizens and buyers connected online) to address the enormous challenge of global warming through the marketplace and public policy. For this effort, we may need one or more major Medici-style "patrons." Please call or write to discuss.

How to Make a Donation

Your tax-deductible donation will go to the CalCars Account at the International Humanities Center (IHC), a nonprofit public charity established in 1998 to act as a legal "fiscal agent" for small groups like CalCars. Donations to CalCars via IHC are exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
IHC's Tax ID# is 33-0767921, and here's its IRS "Letter of Determination" as a 501(c)(3).
Here's its listing at Guidestar, the national database of nonprofit organizations.

1. The easiest way is with PayPal or with a credit card through the International Humanities Center's CalCars page. After you indicate the amount in the box, click on "make donation." On the next page, click on the "pay for order online" button immediately below (not on the "continue with donation" button off to the right), and you will be taken to a page to provide your contact and credit card information. Once the transaction is processed, you will receive an email conifrmation of your donation from IHC, followed as soon as we can by a confirmation delivered by postal mail.

2. Or you can mail a check, payable to IHC/CalCars to International Humanities Center, PO Box 923, Malibu, CA 90265. (Please include both your mailing and email addresses.)

Here are other ways you can help. Thank you for supporting the CalCars Initiative!

Privacy Policy: We will not disclose or share any information you provide about yourself, and we will contact you only on CalCars-related subjects.

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