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Steps To Get The Even Better Priuses We Dream About

The Prius + campaign can mark the first time environmentally-conscious car drivers act on an equal footing with a major auto maker. We can demonstrate a consumer groundswell of demand for the much cleaner, even-higher MPG cars we need for the next decade.

PRIUS+ and pages it links to give the details and more of the rationale. Here are the specific steps we'd like to work with you to make happen. We hope for your endorsement and your involvement in finding other celebrity hybrid enthusiasts (from California or elsewhere) to participate, and we're asking for your financial support to get the ball rolling. Until now we've been an all-volunteer effort. To make this happen we seek $50,000 (in tax-deductible contributions) from one or more of the leading proponents of hybrids and EVs in your circle. So far we've raised over $30,000.

1. Convert a 2004 Prius, first using lead-acid batteries (which we've completed and are now tested), followed by two more conversions, one with nickel-metal hydride batteries, one with lithium-ioin batteries.

2. Demonstrate the feasibility of:
* user control to force extended periods of electric-only travel at up to 35 MPH;
* adding off-the-shelf batteries (unobtrusively under the hatchback deck) to provide about 5-20+ mile all-electric range (further in later stages, especially if Toyota does it)
* recharging the batteries by plugging into a standard 110-volt outlet

3. Sponsor a meeting of potential "customers" (celebrity hybrid and electric vehicle owners and fans) to demo the "proof-of-concept" cars and get their commitments to buy them and to help map out a business/consumer/PR strategy. The goal is not to get into the business of converting Priuses -- rather, it's to persuade Toyota to build PRIUS+ and then PHEV versions of forthcoming Lexus and Highlander hybrid SUVs -- or, failing that, induce one of Toyota's competitors to build highway-speed PHEV sedans and SUVs.

4. Participate in interviews with a top national automotive journalist covering the unfolding of this unprecedented campaign.

Following this proof of concept stage, the campaign will move into the six-month plan for individual early adopters ($10-$20,000 plus their Prius) outlined in PRIUS+ Strategy and the mini-fleet approach for companies and organizations ($40/000/car including purchasing a vehicle) outlined in PRIUS+ Proposal and Bid. These will involve more engineering, customized components, higher volumes of conversions, along with steps to engage Toyota and demonstrations of the first converted vehicle to key influencers and potential supporters in Los Angeles, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

California Cars Initiative founder Felix Kramer 650.520.5555 and his associates will be happy to answer your questions (preferably at a meeting at your convenience, or by conference call)

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