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An Even Better Prius?
See How We've "Green-Tuned" It!

The California Cars Initiative (CalCars), a nonprofit group of environmentalists, engineers and other volunteers, is actively recruiting Prius owners and their cars, and other supporters, to create PRIUS+.

If you own an '04-'05 Prius, you know how great your car is. We hope you'll consider joining a unique effort to "soup it up" -- and then encourage Toyota to come along for the ride.

Together, we can help bring to market an even more efficient car -- the first example of the transitional vehicle for the next decade or more. Here's what PRIUS+ does:

  • Enables your "EV-only" mode (that blank button to the left of your steering wheel -- it works in Asia and Europe)
  • Adds batteries, in convenient unused space hidden under the hatchback deck;
  • Plugs in: at your option (when it's easy), recharge at night at a 110-volt outlet.

The result? Daily trips at local-street speed in "stealth" (all-electric) mode, plus double the mileage of your 40-50 MPG stock Prius. You'll live a greener life, gas up less often and help the auto industry reduce oil imports and stem climate change.

Join a select network of affluent early adopters. Be the "first on your block" to own a next-generation car that relies entirely on existing, proven technology. We've built an early prototype, with more on the way.

Maybe you can't afford a high-cost (five figures) early version from us, would rather wait.
Or maybe you don't own a Prius.
Or you would prefer that Toyota offer the "plug-in hybrid" option on more powerful SUVs like the Lexus RX and Highlander SUVs -- or Ford on the Escape. That's our goal too: in volume, they'll do it much better and more cheaply than we can!

But if you want to help make sure auto makers bring to market a clean, cool car, please help connect us with:

  • Prius owners who can afford to be first;
  • Elected officials and community leaders;
  • Influencers at companies and institutions;
  • Patrons to sponsor our startup and development costs (tax-deductible).

Find out more at PRIUS+ Launch Announcement and PRIUS+ Details or contact CalCars:,, 650.520.5555.

For a printable version of this page you can post on local bulletin boards, hand out at events, or put on parked Prius windshields, download the pdf version (140K)..

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