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1st PHEV mechanic training at Pat's Garage, S.F.
Over a dozen professional automotive technicians from diverse backgrounds came to the world's first PHEV training session at Pat's Garage in San Francisco on February 10, 2007. Jack Rosebro of Perfect Sky and Carolyn Coquillette were the presenters. Full-size photo

Step It Up supporters at Crissy Field
CalCars and plug-in cars supporters assembled in late December 2006 at Crissy Field to promote the launch of Step It Up, a new campaign on global warming, which will feature gatherings of people at precious scenic spots globally on April 14. The theme of the campaign was on the sign: "Step It Up Congress: Cut Carbon 80% by 2050." This was the first time the four converted Priuses in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered in one place. Full-size photo (Credit: May Boeve/

Step It Uppers with Rav4s
CalCars and plug-in cars supporters at Crissy Field in late December 2006. In this second photo, you can also see two Toyota RAV4Es and a Ford Ranger EV. Full-size photo

2006 Santa Monica Alt Car Expo gang
Thousands of people saw our car and talked to Plug-In Partners at the Alternative Car and Transportation Expo in December 2006 in Santa Monica. From left, are Jodie Van Horn of Plug-In Bay Area, Felix Kramer of CalCars, Marguerite Jones, Jamie Mitchell and Lisa Braithwaite of Plug-In Partners. Full-size photo

Crew of 12 who assembled PRIUS+ #4
This is the group that assembled Nov 4-12 in Corte Madera to build CalCars PRIUS+ #4 (the 21st conversion). First row: Tom Driscoll, Jack Wiren, Chuck Hursch, Carolyn Coquillette
Second row: Ron Gremban, Felix Kramer, "little" Jim Risinger, "big" Jim Philippi, Doug Crowder, Randy Reisinger, Greg "Big Bird" Gilmores, Walt Ferris.
Participating but not shown: Dave Bagshaw, Donald Crane, Tony Ferro,Casey Hartman, Kevin Lin, Mike Sasnett, Eric Simon, Darren Suprina, Doug Widney.
For more details, see the eaa-phev site.
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Felix Kramer at the September 2006 Air Resources Board Zero Emission Vehicle Symposium
CalCars #1 volunteer and founder, Felix Kramer testified at the California Air Resources Board's Zero Emissions Technology Review, September 2006.

Andy Frank and Ryan Fulcher
Professor Andy Frank and owner Ryan Fulcher, in Seattle in June 2006, explore Ryan's PHEV, converted at the 2006 Maker Faire. Full-size photo

Maker Faire conversion team
Conversion team at the April 2006 Make Magazine Maker Faire in San Mateo. Full-size photo

Longtime CalCars volunteer Tom Driscoll, midway through the original PRIUS+ conversion in Marin County, September 2004. Full-size photo

Battery crew with the world's first plug-in hybrid, the PRIUS+
PRIUS+ team: we built the first PRIUS+ conversion Sept 11-22, 2004, starting with a low-cost lead-acid battery pack. Pictured are (L-R) Ron Gremban, Felix Kramer, Marc Geller, Kevin Lyons, Andrew Lawton. See About CalCars for names of those who helped but are not pictured. Full-size photo

CalCars founding meeting
After over a year of informal discussions and evolving strategies, CalCars got started at a knOwhere Design Shop® brainstorming session in Palo Alto, 29 July 2002.

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